Clint Zweifel for Missouri

Political Committee

How we get this information

State laws require that political organizations report their donations and spending to the Missouri Ethics Commission anywhere between one and five times each year, depending on the kind of organization and how much money they raise. We compile these reports and other public records to create profiles for each donor and political organization.


Top Income Sources

Source Total Received
Missouri DRIVE Fund $76,250.00
Chipp Political Fund $55,000.00
TEAMSTERS 688 PAC $54,250.00
James Nutter $45,000.00
Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides Barnerd LLC $45,000.00

Income by Source Type

Corporate Spending $797,906.85
Political Committees $1,068,980.13
Private Individuals $796,149.31


Top Spending Targets

Recipient Total Spent
MO Democratic State Committee $23,300.00
Missouri Democratic State Committe $21,000.00
Committee to Elect Lauren Arthur $20,000.00
Schupp For Senate $20,000.00
Schupp for Senate $20,000.00

Spending by Recipient Type

Corporations $25,560.00
Political Committees $111,710.00
Private Individuals $0.00