Specifies that unpaid volunteers of a tax-exempt veteran's organization are not subject to the Workers' Compensation Law


Type Votes
Yes 72
No 63
Absent/Leave 26

Who Voted

Name Opinion
McDaniel, Andrew Nay
Reiboldt, Bill Yea
Lauer, Jeanie Nay
Sommer, Chrissy Nay
Jones, Caleb Nay
Kelley, Mike Nay
Marshall, Nick Yea
Swan, Kathryn "Kathy" Absent
Gannon, Elaine Freeman Nay
Johnson, Delus Yea
Pike, Patricia Nay
Davis, Charlie Yea
Andrews, Allen Nay
Fitzwater, Paul Yea
Shaul, Dan Nay
Dogan, Shamed Absent
Basye, Charles "Chuck" Yea
Frederick, Keith J. Nay
May, Karla Nay
Cierpiot, Mike Yea
Arthur, Lauren Yea
May, Karla Absent
Wood, David Nay
Jones, Caleb Yea
Wiemann, John D. Nay
Montecillo, Genise Absent
Kelley, Mike Yea
Marshall, Nick Nay
Rehder, Holly Nay
Franklin, Diane Nay
Nichols, Mary Nay
Frederick, Keith J. Yea
Hinson, Dave Absent
Pogue, Jeff Yea
Fitzwater, Paul Nay
Davis, Charlie Nay
Alferman, Justin Yea
Phillips, Donald "Don" E. Nay
Johnson, Delus Nay
Moon, Mike Yea
Cookson, Steve Yea
Crawford, Sandy Yea
Brown, Cloria Nay
Brown, Cloria Yea
Bahr, Kurt Nay
Cierpiot, Mike Nay
Cookson, Steve Nay
Brattin, Rick Yea
Bahr, Kurt Yea
Crawford, Sandy Nay
Webber, Stephen Nay
Curtman, Paul Yea
McNeil, Margo Nay
Newman, Stacey Nay
Norr, Charlie Nay
McDonald, Tom Nay
Koenig, Andrew Yea
Barnes, Jason "Jay" Yea
Webber, Stephen Yea
Bernskoetter, Mike Yea
Zerr, Anne Yea
Chipman, Jason Yea
Kratky, Michele Yea
Lair, Mike Nay
Kirkton, Jeanne Nay
Hoskins, Denny L. Nay
Pace, Sharon L. Nay
Leara, Mike Yea
Conway, Pat Absent
Hoskins, Denny L. Yea
Leara, Mike Nay
Arthur, Lauren Nay
Diehl, Jr., John J. Nay
Parkinson, Mark A. Yea
Smith, Clem Nay
Curtis, Courtney Allen Yea
Basye, Charles "Chuck" Nay
Cross, Gary L. Nay
Smith, Clem Yea
Morgan, Judy Nay
Ellington, Brandon Nay
White, William "Bill" Nay
Engler, Kevin Absent
Parkinson, Mark A. Nay
Walton Gray, Rochelle Absent
Norr, Charlie Yea
Pace, Sharon L. Yea
McNeil, Margo Yea
Newman, Stacey Yea
Kirkton, Jeanne Yea
Koenig, Andrew Nay
Hummel, Jacob "Jake" W. Nay
Black, Linda Absent
Flanigan, Tom Absent
Dugger, Tony R. Absent
Redmon, Craig Absent
Kidd, Bill E. Yea
Shull, Noel J. Yea
Lauer, Jeanie Yea
Pietzman, Randy Yea
Gardner, Kimberly Absent
Mathews, Kirk Nay
Dunn, Randy D. Nay
Neely, James "Jim" W. Yea
Burlison, Eric Nay
Colona, Mike Yea
Carpenter, Jon Yea
Allen, Sue Absent
Curtman, Paul Nay
Eggleston, J. Absent
Beatty, Gail McCann Nay
Burns, Bob Yea
Dunn, Randy D. Yea
Swan, Kathryn "Kathy" Nay
Otto, Bill Absent
Love, Warren D. Nay
Morris, Lynn Yea
Justus, Jeffery Nay
Roden, Shane Nay
Ruth, Becky Nay
Rhoads, Shawn Yea
Diehl, Jr., John J. Yea
Runions, Joe Yea
Ross, Robert Nay
Love, Warren D. Yea
Hill, Justin S. Yea
Beard, Nathan Nay
Burns, Bob Nay
Anderson, Sonya Murray Nay
Korman, Bart Yea
Mitten, Gina Yea
Vescovo, Rob Nay
McCreery, Tracy Nay
Rizzo, John Joseph Nay
Kratky, Michele Nay
Hummel, Jacob "Jake" W. Absent
Roeber, Rebecca Nay
Hubrecht, Tila Rowland Yea
Corlew, Kevin Yea
Kolkmeyer, Glen Nay
Taylor, Jered Yea
Burlison, Eric Yea
Conway, Kathie Absent
English, Keith Nay
Rizzo, John Joseph Yea
Shumake, Lindell Yea
Meredith, Sue Yea
McDonald, Tom Absent
Solon, Sheila Yea
Peters, Joshua Yea
Rowden, Caleb Yea
Mims, Bonnaye V. Yea
Carpenter, Jon Nay
Hurst, Tom Yea
Dohrman, Dean A. Nay
Haahr, Elijah Absent
Walker, Nathan "Nate" Belt Nay
McGaugh, Joe Don Yea
Hansen, Jim Absent
English, Keith Yea
Spencer, Bryan Nay
Remole, Tim Nay
Cornejo, Robert Absent
Kendrick, Kip Yea
Beatty, Gail McCann Yea
Shull, Noel J. Nay
Morgan, Judy Yea
Hurst, Tom Nay
Sommer, Chrissy Yea
McCreery, Tracy Yea
Ellington, Brandon Yea
Miller, Rocky Nay
Reiboldt, Bill Nay
Fraker, Lyndall Nay
Lynch, Jr., Steve Yea
Anders, Ira Yea
Harris, Ben Yea
Austin, Kevin Nay
Lant, Bill Nay
Fitzpatrick, Scott M. Nay
Korman, Bart Nay
Hough, Lincoln Absent
Gosen, Don Absent
Higdon, Jr., Galen Wayne Yea
Entlicher, Sue Nay
Rowland, Lyle Yea
Haefner, Marsha Ellen Yea
Hicks, Ronald "Ron" Nay
McManus, Kevin Yea
Hubbard, Penny V. Absent
White, William "Bill" Yea
McCaherty, John C. Yea
Houghton, Jay D. Nay
Brown, Wanda Nay
Muntzel, Dave Nay
Pfautsch, Donna Nay
Lavender, Deb Yea
Adams, Joe Yea
Cornejo, Robert Yea
Pietzman, Randy Nay
Mims, Bonnaye V. Nay
Morris, Lynn Nay
Justus, Jeffery Yea
Curtis, Courtney Allen Nay
Peters, Joshua Nay
Mitten, Gina Nay
Ross, Robert Yea
McGaugh, Joe Don Nay
Dohrman, Dean A. Yea
Butler, Michael Nay
Rehder, Holly Yea
Berry, T.J. Yea
Runions, Joe Nay
Kolkmeyer, Glen Yea
Meredith, Sue Nay
Neely, James "Jim" W. Nay
Lichtenegger, Donna Nay
Moon, Mike Nay
Kidd, Bill E. Nay
Pogue, Jeff Nay
Colona, Mike Nay
Chipman, Jason Nay
Kendrick, Kip Nay
Roden, Shane Yea
Lavender, Deb Nay
Hicks, Ronald "Ron" Yea
Hill, Justin S. Nay
Lynch, Jr., Steve Nay
LaFaver, Jeremy Absent
Rowden, Caleb Absent
Butler, Michael Yea
Adams, Joe Nay
Green, Alan Nay
Taylor, Jered Nay
Green, Alan Yea
Hubrecht, Tila Rowland Nay
Beard, Nathan Yea
Corlew, Kevin Nay
Miller, Rocky Yea
Rone, Don Yea
Shaul, Dan Yea
McDaniel, Andrew Yea
Andrews, Allen Yea
Bondon, Jack Yea
Wilson, Kenneth Nay
Anderson, Sonya Murray Yea
Rone, Don Nay
Bondon, Jack Nay
Haefner, Marsha Ellen Nay
Fraker, Lyndall Yea
Houghton, Jay D. Yea
Lant, Bill Yea
Anders, Ira Nay
Berry, T.J. Nay
Entlicher, Sue Absent
Higdon, Jr., Galen Wayne Nay
Keeney, Shelley "White" Nay
Harris, Ben Nay
McManus, Kevin Nay
McCaherty, John C. Nay
Fitzwater, Travis Nay
Messenger, Jeff Yea
Pierson, Tommie L. Yea
King, Nick Yea
Keeney, Shelley "White" Yea
Messenger, Jeff Nay
Pierson, Tommie L. Nay
King, Nick Nay