Modifies Senate Rule 29

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Bill Text from Jan. 10, 2019 - Introduced

Unofficial SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 20 Notice of Proposed Rule Change

Notice is hereby given by the Senator from the 7th District of the one day notice required by rule of intent to put a motion to adopt the following rule change: BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the One-hundredth General Assembly, First Regular Session,

that Senate Rule 29, be amended to read as follows:


Rule 29. 1. Senate offices [and], seats in the senate chamber, and parking spaces designated for

senators in the east basement of the capitol shall be assigned [by the committee on administration to the

majority and minority caucuses. Each caucus shall make office and senate seat assignments on the basis of seniority as defined in this rule, unless otherwise determined within a caucus] on the basis of seniority,

except that Rooms 326 and 327 shall be known as the president pro tem's office and shall be occupied by the senate's president pro tem. Upon retirement from service as pro tem, that senator shall vacate the pro tem's office and shall have first choice of available vacant offices [of his caucus], regardless of his seniority status. Except for the outgoing president pro tem, who is required to vacate the designated pro tem's office, no senator shall be required to relinquish any office or seat once assigned to him.

  1. Seniority shall be determined [by each caucus] on the basis of length of service, with members

of the majority party being senior to members of the minority party having the same length of service.

Length of service means:


(a) Continuous senate service; (b) In the case of equal continuous senate service, prior non-continuous senate service; (c) In the case of equal continuous and prior non-continuous senate service, prior house service. 3. When two or more members of the same party have the same length of service, their respective

seniority shall be determined by their party caucus.